Guitarist, Composer, Engineer

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Welcome to the website of guitarst, composer and engineer Thomas Mauerhofer. Feel free to roam around and listen to the music, check out some videos and have a good time!


New album, new videos and on tour again. I guess it’s going to be a busy year….. as always I guess!

What do you think about this one?


This is a little off-topic, but still essential: If you ever wondered where to get really great coffee, check out Wiener Rösthaus. You won't be disappointed!!


Look at this beauty! Ibanez Standard Fuzz from the 70ties, fully working, sounds great!


Another One-Shot-Video with the Kats!




Marina & The Kats' new CD/Double Vinyl "Wild" will be released on November 4th, 2016. Really looking forward to that!!









I got a new baby,  check this out! CASIM - Schlaggitarre from the 50ties. No laminated cheap wood, really resonant and light!

New Video out!

Check out our brandnew one-shoot video for the Kats!


December 1st, Final concert for 2015 coming up, looking forward to a great X-mas Show at Theater am Spittelberg with cookies, lindy-hop dancers and Schnapps.....

October 15: Some nice gigs in Germany coming up this fall. Really looking forward!

June 15: Finally our first CD (also available on Vinyl for the first time!) with Marina & The Kats is out now! We had a fantastic release party here in Vienna at Theater am Spittelberg.

Lancaster Music Festival 2014 has been great fun. We met some great band from all over the world and had a few pints. Didn't know that Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden has his own beer!


We played 4 shows in the Netherlands and stayed right at the beach for two days with perfectly sunny weather. Live is good..... Here is a nice picture by Chris Fraikin from our show in Gouda.